mercredi, décembre 07, 2005

Sit Back & Relax, Indy & Jazzy Hip Hop Radio Show, 1 vendredi sur 2, 88.1fm sur Bordeaux et sa région

  • Sélection cd:
01-Nujabes feat. substantial and pase rock from five deez - Blessing it (remix)
02-Nujabes (Featuring Cise Starr & Akin from Cyne) - Feather
03-Zap mama feat. Common talib kweli and oddisee - Yelling away (oddisee remix)
04-Lone catalysts feat. chauncey - Survival
05-Asamov - Bad News
06-Seven star - Philosophy of letting go

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  • Mix 1 - Dj Skalp the goodlife
01-Sound Providers feat. Wee Bee Foolish - It's gonna bee alright part 2
02-Cy Young - Good times
03-Jahpan - It's alright
04-Precise Hero - Prefix
05-LMNO feat Supernatural - Drop that
06-Blackstar - Bright as the stars

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  • Sélection cd (suite):
01-Muneshine feat. napsndreds and oddisee - Industry ills
02-Harvey lindo feat. Count bass d - Rugged individuals
03-Breakthrough ft. grap luva - Thought process
04-Wale oyejide feat. jay dee - theres a war going on
05-Ohmega watts feat. Neogen and deacon - Full swing
06-Braille (of lightheaded) - He and she

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  • Mix 2 - Dj Skalp the goodlife:
Percee P - Freestyle
02-Edan feat. Percee P - Torture chamber (cut chemist remix)
03-Four Tet feat. Percee P - A joy part 2
04-Lord Finesse feat Percee P - The rematch
05-Percee P & Ekim - Now they wanna see me
06-Lord Finesse feat Percee P & AG - Yes you may

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  • Sampled:
01-Common Sense - r-e-s-u-r-r-e-c-t-i-o-n 03(Grooveman spot a.k.a. dj kou-g remix)

Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin Dance

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