lundi, mars 23, 2009

Hi bloggers! a little update with a mix... don't really have time to post the tracklist so it's up to you to guess what I'm playing this time :)

edit: here's what you heard
01-Five Quartz - Prologue
02-Noah feat. Blu - Relax (Quasimode remix)
03-Common feat. Sadat X & Talib Kweli - (Ajap remix)
04-Speech Defect feat. The Pharcyde - Happy hunting
05-Asheru & Talib Kweli - Moodswing (Soulution remix)
06-Dialekt music feat. Roy Ayers - Chaque seconde
07-Cy Young feat. Bilal Salaam - Better
08-Roddy Rod feat Ekoz the bounty- 1 min to rep (plainfield)
09-LMNO feat. Kev Brown - James Brown
10-Crown city rockers - One for James
11-Dj Babu feat. Wildchild & Percee P - Sbx2lax2ox
12-Quantic feat. Ohmega Watts - Blow your horns
13-Shin-Ski of Martiangang - The gods of The Yoruba (Shin-Ski's DP SEXTET Remix)
14-Sleep walker - Brotherhood (Marc Mac remix)
15-Dj Deckstream feat. Talib Kweli - Keep in the pockets (Kero One remix)


mercredi, novembre 12, 2008

Finally, a new mix! Spent a couple of days with my turntables this month so I had a chance to record something. So just Sit Back, Relax and enjoy!

01- Saint feat. Cadence - Wisdom over weapons (Jakarta)
02- J-Live - It don't stop (BBE records)
03- Incise feat. The 49ers - In love with 2 women (Goontrax)
04- Freddie Joachim feat. Surreal - No matter (Subcontact)
05- Elzhi - Talkin in my sleep (Fatbeats)
06- Dj Tonk feat. Moe Pope & Anonymous - Black magic (Milk Dipper)
07- G Frequency feat. Othello & Voice - Picture perfect (Goon Trax)
08- Les Sages Poètes de La Rue - Huits mesures de sagesse (Baccara)
09- Sleep Disorders feat. Count Bass D - Licensed, insured & bonded (Never Ending Always Building)
10- Nieve & Cook - Blackbird (Goon Trax)
11- Seven Star feat. Cyne - Speak the truth (Botanica Del Jibaro)
12- Trainspotters - Growin up (Random Bastards)
13- Five Quartz feat. Jason Moore - Falling high (Subcontact)
14- Inherit feat. Muneshine - Twenty twenty (Goon trax)
15- Daily Bread - That's that (Subcontact)
16- Black Grass feat. The Good People - This & that (Catskills)
17- Giant Panda - Same old shit (Tres)
18- Rise - Message to the architects pt.2 (Futuristica Music)




mercredi, août 06, 2008

After a few days with no acces to the Internet which is typically the kind of situation that upset me the most, I'm back to support the new project by Arts the Beatdoctor.

Arts the Beatdoctor "Progressions" 2x7" EP [Beats Broke records]

This is a limited double 7inch set bringing us 4 unreleased cuts on wax by this great producer from the Netherlands.
Here we have 2 instrumental cuts & 1 vocal inviting Dutch emcees Skiggy Rapz & Wudstik, plus a remix of Pax & Pry track "Sleep".

The great thing about this EP is that it made me discover a very interesting label, Beats Broke, on which was released the album of a promising duo Pax & Pry. If you haven't done it yet, I encourage you to have a listen to the mix I've posted a few weeks ago... you'll hear both projects on it ;)

But let's get back to the main topic, another strenght of this double 7 inch is that it comes with a nice packaging including a card providing codes to download the EP in mp3 format with bonus Sleep instrumental version! Yes you read it well, no need to rip your records to put it in your ipod... I like that!
I'm glad Arts the Beatdoctor chose to put "Meditate" on wax, this joint was previously available on a cd only soundtrack which I can't remember the name of. I love the atmosphere on this track so here's a snippet:

No need to say more, that's a limited edition release so hurry up!

lundi, juillet 21, 2008

I was back in my hometown (Bordeaux) this weekend and had a little time to spend with my turntables... and to record something!
I'm glad to share with you a mix online. It's been a long time that I was willing to do so but couldn't find enough time to do it. So here it is, 45 mins of live and uncut mix. I hope some of you will reminisce of the good old SBR days...

01- Drum Brothers feat. Shinobi, Melodiq & Dj Greem - NY State of Mind [Kif Records]
02- Black Grass feat. J-Live - Set it straight [Catskills Records]
03- Moar feat. Raashan Ahmad - Season change [Trad Vibe]
04- Pat D & Common - 6th Sense (remix) [A Bridge Too Far Records]
05- Poems - Way back when [Hip Hop is Music / Goon Trax Records]
06- Gio - West coast steals the show [Untapped Sounds / Subcon Dist]
07- ArtOfficial - Big city, Bright lights [Goon Trax Records]
08- Saint feat. Dumi Right - About time [Goon Trax Records]
09- Shin-Ski feat. The Procussions - It's all real [Mic Life Recordings]
10- Dj Drez & Marty Williams feat. Zaire Black & Apryl Marie - Differences [Mic Life Recordings]
11- Jazz Liberatorz feat. FatLip & T-Love - Genius at Work [Kif Records]
12- Pax & Pry feat. Dibbe - May March [Beats Broke Records]
13- Arts the Beatdoctor feat. Skiggy Rapz & Wudstik - Be Alright [Beats Broke Records]

vendredi, juin 13, 2008

Last day when I was at the record shop, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new record with Raashan Ahmad on it.
He's one of my favorite mc. This guy is amazing on the mic and is a member of the great Crown City Rockers.

Moar & Raashan Ahmad "Seasons change" 12" [Trad vibe]

What we have here is a dope collabo between french producer Moar and Raashan Ahmad. The result is "Seasons change" declined in 2 versions.

I prefer the original edit since the remix (which is still quite nice) uses the same loop as Dj Tonk used for his track "Underground life" with Pismo.

As a bonus track you get the instrumental version for "Père et fils", a track that was on Moar's first 12".
This 12" is released by Trad vibe, the promising french label that recently put out the great instrumental album by The Audible Doctor.

And for those who like Raashan Ahmad, don't forget to check his new album, unfortunately cd only for the moment, "The push" ;)

mardi, juin 10, 2008

Today's highlight is french producer Dela who you might already know if you were listening to SBR back then.
As far as I can remember Dela caught my attention for the first time with his beautiful "Stakes is high" remix he put out as volume 3 for these Doping Classics series.
Here's a reminder for those who slept on...

Now Dela is back with two 7" taken off his mixtape/album "Atmosphere airlines" released earlier.

Dela "Cheer (ft. Large Pro) / The bullshit" 7"
Dela "Let me know (ft. Apani) / La bonne attitude" 7"

Each 7" comes with a vocal side and an instrumental on the flip.
My preference goes to the cut featuring Large Pro but both 7" are worth getting.

Each record is pressed on colored wax, white for "Cheer (ft. Large Pro)/The bullshit" and transparent for "Let me know (ft.Apani)/La bonne attitude".

To conclude, be on the lookout for his new EP out on japanese dope label Subcontact. Dela has invited Aloe Blacc & Blu on 3 tasty cuts.
You should also have a listen to the nice remix of "Elemental music" he provided to female mc Melodee (the track was originally produced by Nomak).

mardi, juin 03, 2008

Here's one essential 12" to have in the collection!

Drum Brothers "Take it back / Live & Uncut / NY State of Mind / Love break" [Kif Records]

This is the first 12" by Drum Brothers and a great teaser for their debut album to come.
Drum Brothers are french and gather 3 beatmakers - Architect, Guan Jay and Permone - and a turntablist, Atom.
They have worked with many artists from every part of the world. This record is a great example of their appetite for international collaboration: Blezz, Pfel, Shinobi, Melodiq, Dj Greem and Fazz are invited on this project.
On Side 1 you'll find 2 cuts including the title track of their upcoming album "Live & Uncut" ... and damn this hook is bangin' "a one, a two, a three, hot, Drum Brothers live & uncut" !!!

Side 2 has 2 more tracks and features Melodiq whose voice & flow suits perfectly the nice beat of "NY State of Mind". The last song is a beautiful instrumental entitled "love break" and is definitely appropriate to sit back & relax.

No need to say that I'm dying to hear the album, "Live & Uncut" soon to be released on french label Kif records.