lundi, juillet 23, 2007

I'm glad to present the Weed Brothers to you not only because they come from my area (Bordeaux, south west of France) but mainly because this album is full of good vibrations!

Weed Brothers "Non fumeur" [I can fly music]

Weed brothers is the meeting of 2 mc's, Don Argentino & D'OZ (both of local Kroniker rap group) and a jam band called Peyotl. "Non Fumeur" is their first album and was released on july 16th, 2007 on I can fly music label.

To me, the strenght of this project lies in its variety of genres. Weed Brothers deliver one positive message through different atmospheres which makes this CD a perfect soundtrack for your summer!
Whatever the mood you're in, "Non fumeur" will provide the music you need:

...some funk on "Le bon esprit",

...a lil' bit of bossanova on "Venconmigo",

...and a touch of gospel on the wonderful "Terre d'asile"...

Oh, by the way, it's a CD:

Here's where to find this great album:
Just like hip hop website
Fnac website

For more info: