mardi, juin 10, 2008

Today's highlight is french producer Dela who you might already know if you were listening to SBR back then.
As far as I can remember Dela caught my attention for the first time with his beautiful "Stakes is high" remix he put out as volume 3 for these Doping Classics series.
Here's a reminder for those who slept on...

Now Dela is back with two 7" taken off his mixtape/album "Atmosphere airlines" released earlier.

Dela "Cheer (ft. Large Pro) / The bullshit" 7"
Dela "Let me know (ft. Apani) / La bonne attitude" 7"

Each 7" comes with a vocal side and an instrumental on the flip.
My preference goes to the cut featuring Large Pro but both 7" are worth getting.

Each record is pressed on colored wax, white for "Cheer (ft. Large Pro)/The bullshit" and transparent for "Let me know (ft.Apani)/La bonne attitude".

To conclude, be on the lookout for his new EP out on japanese dope label Subcontact. Dela has invited Aloe Blacc & Blu on 3 tasty cuts.
You should also have a listen to the nice remix of "Elemental music" he provided to female mc Melodee (the track was originally produced by Nomak).


Anonymous Gourou said...

Ha, le blog revie, ça fait plaisir de découvrir de nouveaux sons Jazzy, j'ai pas tellement lut encore les articles, périodes d'éxams oblige j'ai pas trop le temps, je checkerais tout ça dans quelques semaines.
Bonne continuation :)

jeu. juin 12, 08:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Gourou said...

En fait si je viens d'écouter atmophere airlines c'est de la tuerie !!

jeu. juin 12, 08:53:00 PM  

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