samedi, février 25, 2006

01-Fresh Air - 30 somethings live
02-Stoney rock feat. Black spade - Things change
03-Esoteric feat. Jedi Mind Tricks - The Hunted
04-Life - Rebel soul
05-The globetroddas - Love
06-Louis logic - Gentlemen and a scholar
07-Penuckle - Today


08-Ugly Duckling - Yudee
09-Ugly Duckling - Let it out (SDP remix)
10-Common - Real People
11-Poor Righteous Teachers - Styles Dropped
12-Supernatural feat. Choklate - I'm a fighter
13-Panacea - Freedom Theory


14-O² Zen feat. K-price - Dans mes veines
15-El da sensei - Lights camera action
16-Roy Hargrove presents the RH Factor - Poetry
17-Dilated people - Another sound mission
18-Main Flow - Wise dread


Hommage à Jay Dee/J Dilla (RIP)
19-Da Enna C - Now
20-Slum Village - Fall in love
21-The Roots - Dynamite
22-J Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart

23-Phat Kat - Microphone Master
24-Common - Doooin it
25-De La Soul feat. Mos Def - Stakes is high (remix)
26-Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah! (remix)
27-A tribe called quest - Ince Again
28-Jay Dee - Fuck the police
29-J Dilla - Workinonit


28-Bobby Caldwell - Open your eyes [common - the light]

samedi, février 11, 2006

01-Sound providers - Choc promo
02-Steph pockets - Flowers
03-Phocus feat. ash - Crazy buckwild
04-Himuki feat. Dizzy - Remember
05-Binky fingers feat. Little brother - Play the music
06-Keeproots (Feat Mc Metaú¼ P-Type & HyunMoo) - ShowDown
07-Time machine - On the moon

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08-Pete Rock feat Grap Luva - Revenge
09-Mf Doom - Hoe Cakes (Jake One remix)
10-Kero One - Musical journey
11-Sadat X - God is back (Spencer Doran remix)
12-Nujabes feat. Cise Star - Highs to lows (remix)
13-Grooveman Spot feat. Fresh Air - Just add water (remix)
14-Climber feat. Punch3Nello - Reparations

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15-Specifics - Under the hood
16-The UN - It's over
17-Sage Francis - Inherited Scars
18-Pase Rock - A Fly Love Song
19-Rise and Shine - Move your body
20-Arrested Development - Tennessee (Remix)

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21-Redman - Tonight's da night
22-Alkaholiks - Daaamn (Buckwild remix)
23-Da Youngsta's - Hip hop ride (Mellow mix)
24-Bigg Tabb - Raw Dawg (remix)
25-Nas - One love (LG remix)
26-Showbiz & AG - Catchin wreck
27-Showbiz & AG - Hold ya head
28-Ahmad - Back in da dayz
29-Erule - Listen up
30-1st Down - A day wit the homiez
31-KMD - what a nigga know (remix)
32-Charizma & Peanut butter wolf - Red light green light
33-Souls of mischief - That's when ya lost
34-N-tyce - Sure ya right (dj eclipse remix)

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35-Nine feat. Smoothe da hustler - Make or take
36-Ronnie Laws - Just as you are

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