mardi, mai 20, 2008

Yeah you read it right... an update!

Thanks to all of you who kept showing some love while the blog was still sleeping!
After a few months trying to survive without my turntables & show, I've decided to resurrect this blog with some reviews. I still can't mix or record anything but I can't stop buying records!
Recently I've impressed by some uk artists and more particularly by 3 talented beat makers which are Simon S, Black Grass and one I've already praised here Pat D.

Simon S "J-Dillalude / Friendly flowers" [Soulclap] 7"

The first man you need to know coming straight out London and blessed us with a nice 7".
Side 1 is paying hommage to J Dilla with help of jazz musician Robert Glasper playing versions of tunes Jay Dee had sample. I love that cover of "stakes is high" beat...
Side 2 is a blend of uk singer Jhelisa over Madlib produced "Flowers" beat.
With this tight fourth release Soulclap proves to be a strong label ... can't wait for the next one!

Black Grass "Bass Man feat. Benjammin' / Set it Straight feat. J-Live" 12" [Catskills]

Then, we have Black Grass coming from Brighton and delivering pure heat with "Set it straight". When I first heard the beat, that guitar loop got me hypnotised...
and damn J-Live is invited on this one... his rhymes matches perfectly the beat ... perfect combination! Highly recommended!

Pat D & Lady Paradox "Summertime" 12" [Blues Interactions / A bridge too far]
Pat D & Lady Paradox "Step off / Tick of time" 12" [Blues Interactions / A bridge too far]

I'll finish with Pat D who made my wishes come true... some wax for his work with Lady Paradox! After the wonderful remixes he did for Common a few months ago, the man is back with 2 nice 12"off "Kind of peace" album. These two are japan only pressings and feature few tracks we already knew plus a brand new remix for "Summertime" provided by half of canadian group Specifics' Think Twice.

Even if there's some strong cuts like "when the weather fades" featured on these releases, I'm a bit disappointed that the track "Hip hop quotables" didn't appear on any of these records. I just love that melody!

As always here's where to find more about the artists: