lundi, juillet 21, 2008

I was back in my hometown (Bordeaux) this weekend and had a little time to spend with my turntables... and to record something!
I'm glad to share with you a mix online. It's been a long time that I was willing to do so but couldn't find enough time to do it. So here it is, 45 mins of live and uncut mix. I hope some of you will reminisce of the good old SBR days...

01- Drum Brothers feat. Shinobi, Melodiq & Dj Greem - NY State of Mind [Kif Records]
02- Black Grass feat. J-Live - Set it straight [Catskills Records]
03- Moar feat. Raashan Ahmad - Season change [Trad Vibe]
04- Pat D & Common - 6th Sense (remix) [A Bridge Too Far Records]
05- Poems - Way back when [Hip Hop is Music / Goon Trax Records]
06- Gio - West coast steals the show [Untapped Sounds / Subcon Dist]
07- ArtOfficial - Big city, Bright lights [Goon Trax Records]
08- Saint feat. Dumi Right - About time [Goon Trax Records]
09- Shin-Ski feat. The Procussions - It's all real [Mic Life Recordings]
10- Dj Drez & Marty Williams feat. Zaire Black & Apryl Marie - Differences [Mic Life Recordings]
11- Jazz Liberatorz feat. FatLip & T-Love - Genius at Work [Kif Records]
12- Pax & Pry feat. Dibbe - May March [Beats Broke Records]
13- Arts the Beatdoctor feat. Skiggy Rapz & Wudstik - Be Alright [Beats Broke Records]