mardi, juin 26, 2007

Today's reviewed 12" is a great example of what I'd call an essential record... and I'm proud to say that it's a french initiative!

T-Love "Definition of a yee yee / Butcher's hook/ Foolish pride"

This is the first project put out by french Brawl label.
And what a debut... they bring you 3 unreleased tracks of the talented female emcee T-Love!

The A-side joint you need to hear is "Definition of a yee yee".
Recorded in '95, this track has that typical mid 90's indy hip hop sound that will keep your head noddin'! Beat is produced by Muddfoot (of the Whooliganz) who is now known as The Alchemist. Another song on this side is "Butcher's hook". This song as well as the one on the B-side was recorded when T-Love used to live in London in 2000 and was produced by the Herbaliser.

But the true jewel is on the B-side!
T-Love is singing and rapping over a beautiful beat... fortunately the instrumental is featured on it. It's the perfect tune to put in a jazzy hip hop mix. Have a listen to SBR of June 7th, 2007 to check it!

Brawl is a young structure so you should cop this 12" if you wanna hear a complete T-Love album with previously unreleased material from 1988 to 2000: "Long Way Up - The Basement Tapes" (scheduled on Fall/Winter 2007)

dimanche, juin 17, 2007

Now let's fly to Sweden and discover a very promising group named Trainspotters composed of two young mc's: Rewindable and George Kaplan.
By now they've released two limited edition 12"s and a cd on Random Bastards label.

Trainspotters "Breakthrough / It's time" 12"

Their debut single "Breakthrough" has a tight B-side using BDK voice ("Awww sh*t!"). Name of the tune is "It's time" and guest is Sci-Fi, you can listen to it in SBR - May 3rd, 2007. Don't sleep on that one, only 250 copies made!

Trainspotters "Feel the vibe" 12"

The second 12" is a japan-only release (Chateaudisc) for the track "Feel the vibe". The original track was nice but the banger here is the Jetbeat jazzy mix based on a dope bassline and an energetic saxophone sample. I just love that beat ... the proof is in this video :))

Skalp the Goodlife - Freestyle scratch over Feel the vibe instr.

Nuff said, Trainspotters are talented and they definitely deserve that you keep an open on their future releases!

vendredi, juin 15, 2007

What up bloggers?!

It's been a long time that I've been thinking about it ... and it's finally here: a review section!
The purpose here is to share with you my discoveries and to support artists of the "jazzy hip hop" scene.

Now let's start it like this son... here's one of my favorite 12" this year!

... G Frequency feat Tableek (Maspyke) "Eggs N Cheese / No control" 12" ...

It's coming straight outta Dublin on Ireland's stellar hip hop label All City.
What we have here is a dope 12" by musician / producer / dj G Frequency with guest appareances by Tableek (of Maspyke) on the mic, Dj Tu-ki on the scratch and Heralds of Change on the b-side remixes!! (Some of you might remember Heralds of Change for their great 12" with Oddisee... I've played it in the show a few months ago)

Seriously the A-side of this single blew my mind with its 2 wonderful versions of "Eggs N Cheese" and another strong cut "No control". The regular version of Eggs N Cheese has a smooth-but-so-dope beat while the jazzy mix is pure niceness!
You can listen to the jazzy mix of "Eggs N Cheese" in the last show posted (june 7th, 2007)
The B-side is more on some electronic tip with 2 crazy remixes provided by Heralds of Change.

Another sure shot from All City, go cop that!

vendredi, juin 08, 2007

01-Bambu - Other kids
02-US3 - Abc (listen up)
03-Pharoahe Monch - Trilogy (act 1 feat. Mr. Porter, act 2 feat. Dwele, act 3 feat. Tone)
04-Salim - Hood rich
05-Blue Scholars - Morning Of America
06-Dirty Diggers - Aw man
07-Speach Impediments - Outro to Japan

------------ --------------------------

08-Full One presents Scorpio, Akhenaton, Main Flow, King Solomon, Rockin’ Squat, Masta Ace – Days are longer
09-Marco Polo feat. Sadat X, Juju & AG – Rollin’
10-Moar – Frères ennemis avec Madjir (Père et fils remix)
11-Cap D feat. One Be Lo – The answer
12-T Love – Foolish pride
13-Dj Jazzy Jeff feat. Kel Spencer – The definition
14-G Frequency feat. Tableek (Maspyke) – Eggs N Cheese (remix)
15-Hocus Pocus feat. T Love & The Procussions - Vocab
16-Wio K feat. Tasha Rozez – Foot loose


17-Hiroki Mizukami - Breezy afternoon